1020 South Wabash Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60605-2256

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  • Phone: 312-431-1234

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A Safe Place to play, grow and learn!

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We believe the early years are the most important!

Children’s experiences in early childhood shape their brains and set the stage for their capacity to learn, form relationships, and regulate their emotions. Optimal child development depends on nurturing experiences, particularly in the first five years of life. A Child’s Space exists to ensure fun and “heart-centric” discovery and learning experiences for every child in our space!

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Not just smart… ACS kiddos are “Heart-Smart!”

At A Child’s Space, we develop children who are not just “smart” but also Heart Smart! In addition to our daily curriculum, which emphasizes math, language, literacy, and STEAM through discovery play, we also use the Nine Fruit of the Spirit (Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness, and Self Control) as the foundation for developing children who are compassionate, socially aware, and responsible.

Three times each year, we partner with a local shelter or organization to share resources, spread love, and support social justice in fun, developmentally appropriate, and “Heart-Smart” ways!

teacher teaching with her student

We offer flexible child care solutions to match the way you live and work!

In these times, we understand work schedules vary and change. A Child’s Space offers a variety of flexible child care solutions, including, FT and PT care options, such as Drop-in Care, Date Night Services on Fridays, until Midnight and periodic Satur “Day” Care Services!


Convenient Downtown Location near Museum Park!

Perched at the corner of 11th and Wabash, A Child’s Space’s 5200 square foot “loft-like” space is large but not impersonal. We’ve lovingly adorned every space within our space to support learning and nurture the curiosity of young children. Centrally located near the Museum Park Campus, the City of Chicago is our playground! We regularly visit local museums and outdoor venues to explore and learn!

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Web Cameras mean you never miss a moment, and never miss your little one too much!

We’re not perfect, but we’re comfortable enough to let you watch! Our state-of-the-art parent-accessible Web Cams offer secure live video streams of your child as they play their way through every preschool day!

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We can’t wait to tell you about their day!

It’s hard to leave your little one each day, so we make it a little easier with our user-friendly Parent App. Teachers send detailed progress reports, fun photos, and memorable videos to you throughout the day. You’ll also receive lesson plan highlights, milestone reports, supply reminders, and learning tips. Our app also allows hands-free QR-coded entry, health checks, billing, and payment all under one convenient umbrella App.

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The A-Team is here!

We have the friendliest, most nurturing, and well-trained staff here at A Child’s Space! While aptitude is important, we onboard with attitude in mind. The result is an amazing potpourri of talent, skill, and passion that results in children who are protected, empowered, and confidently exploring as they play, grow, and learn.

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Which Program Is Right for Your Little One?

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6 Weeks - 1 Year

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1-2 Years

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1-6 Years

Date Nights, Satur”Day”Care
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1-6 Years

Drop In
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3-5 Years

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3-6 Years

Remote Learners