What is your social media policy?
All children featured on our website and through social media outlets representing A Child’s Space, have media/photo release forms on file at the center. Our web camera and daily report systems are highly secure and limited to access by currently enrolled families only.

What happens to my deposit if I don’t provide 60 days notice?

When you place a tuition deposit for your child to begin our program, we essentially “take the space off the market” and hold the space until the agreed upon start date.
Your prepaid tuition deposit is placed at the time of enrollment and applied to your final month of tuition when a 60 day notice of plans to dis-enroll is provided. A prepaid tuition agreement fully explaining this policy is signed at the time of enrollment to all families who place a prepaid tuition deposit.

If you do not provide proper notice that you will vacate or not use the space, your deposit will be lost.

In the past individuals have simply not began on the agreed upon date or not provided notice and expected the deposit returned. Unfortunately, our policy does not allow us to make an exception under this scenario. However, we know you work hard and we hate to see you lose your deposit, so if you are not able to start the program due to some serious and verifiable emergency circumstance or need to change your start date, please inform us promptly. We may be able to negotiate the deposit and arrange for you to utilize the deposit on a limited per diem basis or alter your start dates.

Does A Child’s Space welcome breastfeeding mothers?
We absolutely welcome and celebrate parents who choose to breastfeed. Our feeding stations/classrooms are equipped to both hold and warm breast milk that is brought in. We also have comfortable areas set in up in several areas of the school to accommodate Moms who visit midday to Nurse their little one!

May I drop in to tour A Child’s Space at any time?
We welcome opportunities to share our space with families through personalized tours. Our focus and priority is always on SAFETY and the children we serve. Our Space is truly their space! We respect their schedules and have set aside tour times that create the least amount of disruption to their routines.

In the interest of health safety and security, NEW COVID PROTOCOLS ARE IN EFFECT and tours are conducted virtually. Under normal conditions all tours must be scheduled in advance and are confirmed via email. You must show a valid photo identification to enter the building and your tour will be led by our enrollment coordinator. For health and sanitation purposes, if your child joins you for the tour, he or she will not be allowed to play in the classrooms or interact with the other children. Before enrollment we offer two complimentary play dates to transition your child into our program. Updated Immunization forms are required prior to play dates to protect the health of all children.

Once you are a registered family, we have a completely open door policy. You can visit anytime. You will receive a personal door code that allows you instant access to the school and your child. Our web camera system offers unlimited visual access to your child’s classroom, so you can watch them grow and learn all day long!

What should I do if I need Employment reimbursement or State paperwork filled out by A Child’s Space?
If you have special paperwork, we will gladly fill out our applicable portion. However, you must provide our office with the original hard copy. We will prepare your documents for pick up within 72 hours.

How much teacher turnover do you have at A Child’s Space?
We pride ourselves on having high standards and expectations for every member of our school team. We also encourage professional development and expose our teachers to experiences that naturally make them highly marketable and ambitious. To reduce turnover, we have implemented various incentives and work hard to maintain a business culture that encourages longevity.

Nonetheless, we periodically experience turnover, but it is not excessive and would be considered low based on industry norms. Our staffing patterns allow us to maintain a positive transition environment for our children and parents in the event of a teacher change.

We look beyond resumes and interviews when we select teachers. in fact, we think what happens after the interview is more important than the checklist items that precede it. Once onboarded, we closely monitor child interactions and are particular about the implementation of our school’s philosophy, curriculum and child engagement techniques. We value both process and product as it relates to our school community and while we celebrate every voice, our commitment to the mission and culture of A Child’s is unwavering.

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"A Child’s Space is really a place where children blossom and come into their own. They are totally free to express themselves.” -Seymore Family
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