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Hands on learning every day in every way!

a child playingWe believe that children learn through play! Engaging monthly and weekly thematically based learning activities are explored each day to give children a sense of the world in which they live. Our curriculum models for Infants through 6 year old children is research based and aligned to the Illinois Early Learning Standards.

Our discovery based learning philosophy encourages children to problem solve and interact with their peers in ways that develop confidence, critical thinking skills and important social competencies. Special emphasis is placed on oral language development and literacy through story reading, storytelling and fun songs that explore rhymes, rhythms and routines!

STEM activities (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) are explored through cross-contextual learning experiences and are based in cooking, nature explorations and using recycled resources.

Field Trips, Yoga, Music and Creative Movement classes, compliment our learning themes and connect to daily experiences, thus building a strong foundation for primary school success!

Web Based Camera System

Never miss a moment and Never miss them too much!

We know that heading off to work and leaving your little one in childcare each day can be really tough! We help ease the separation anxiety often experienced by parents as they transition their child into a day care setting by providing web cameras that provide Moms, Dads and even grandparents…..with visual access to the child throughout the school day!

Take a peek while they sleep, or see if they’re eating their peas…

We’re not perfect, but we’re comfortable enough to let you watch! So go ahead, watch them grow and learn! We know how precious the moments are and we don’t want you to miss a single one!

Cloud Based Daily Communication App

Each parent receives an electronic daily report that details your child’s feedings, changes, activities and personal supply needs.

The reports is directly emailed to you via our amazing app!

I-Pods and I-Pads are incorporated into our classrooms to allow teachers to share pictures and videos throughout the day with you of your little one!

Parents can also log on to view their child’s activities in real time! Our system catalogs and creates a dynamic portfolio of your child’s daily experiences from their first day until their last day at A Child’s Space! The system also allows you to share your favorite photos and videos with a direct link to Facebook and other social media platforms.

Rainbow Room – 6 weeks through 15 months A Child's Space

The Rainbow Room is where learning fun and nurturing care begins! The Rainbow Room is a softly lit Baby Haven where children experience personalized daily routines and nurturing child caregivers! The best ratio in Chicago…and quite possibly in Illinois. We maintain a ratio of 1:3 and follow a sophisticated Cohort Enrollment model that alleviates frustrating waiting list scenarios.

Daily Routines Include:

  • Floor Fun and Tummy Time
  • Songs and finger plays
  • Ample space for growth and movement
  • Baby Yoga
  • Sign Language
Yellow and Pink Rooms – 15 through 24 months and 24 through 36 months pink room

The Yellow and Pink Rooms introduce children to our classroom pods. Like all of our classroom pods, the Yellow and Pink Rooms are designed to support emerging physical capacities, social skills and discovery learning! The Yellow Room is designed to promote more group schedules and routines as children gain greater independence and physical competencies. A Child's SpaceThe Pink Room marks the official introduction to formal learning centers, which further provide opportunities for free choice activities, whole group and independent play!

Daily Routines include:

  • Floor Time
  • Songs, Finger Plays and Fun with Books
  • Imaginative Games and Prop Play
  • Sensory, Tactile and Motor Exploration Games
  • Music and Movement
  • Yoga and Dance
Green Room – 3 through 4 1/2 years A Child's Space

Green means go! The Green Room is one of the liveliest classrooms here at A Child’s Space! The Green Room bursts with the energy and curiosity of 3 to 4 year old children who actively explore center based activities and take a deeper dive into curriculum themes, early literacy activities and STEM learning. Important independent learning skills, critical thinking, problem solving, social, emotional and large motor activities set the stage for preschool success!

Daily Routines include:

  • Morning Meetings and Learning Songs
  • Language and Literacy Exploration
  • Center Based Play
  • Large and Small Motor Exploration
  • Print and Tactile Exploration
  • Imaginative Games
  • Regular Field Trips
  • Manipulative and Sensory Play
  • Yoga, Dance and Music and Movement
Purple Room – 4 1/2 through 6 years

A Child's SpaceThe Purple Room is home to the eldest group of children at A Child’s Space. Children in the Purple Room develop foundational  skills that equip them for the best Pre-K and Kindergarten programs in the City of Chicago. Purple Room children are engaged in a fun play based thematic curriculum that emphasizes early reading, phonemic awareness, and STEM activities, while maintaining the integrity of our PLAY based discovery learning philosophy.

Daily Routines include:

  • Morning Meetings and Learning Songs
  • Language, Literacy and Phonics Exploration
  • Thematic Center Based Play
  • Large and Small Motor Exploration
  • Print Exploration/Phonemic Awareness Exploration
  • Imaginative Games and Critical Thinking
  • Manipulative and Sensory Play
  • STEM Activities
  • World Music Classes
  • Audio books and Early Learning Technology
  • Regular Field Trips
  • Yoga, Creative Movement and Dance

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"A Child’s Space is really a place where children blossom and come into their own. They are totally free to express themselves.” -Seymore Family
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