Psalm 139:14
We believe that early childhood is the most important season of life.
PLAY is the WORK of the child…and they are amazingly competent!
When children play they discover not only themselves, but others!

We’re not a cookie cutter approach in any way and we prefer not to think of ourselves as a daycare! Our boutique child learning environment emphasizes small group sizes and quality interactions with safe physical distancing. Our approach to learning is “Heart-Centric”, meaning we care and we teach children to care about others while they learn important academic skills.

We’re very flexible and accommodating to meet the needs of parents and most importantly, children! Our loving, qualified staff is second to none. They are trained to be child centered and to nurture each child’s gifts.

We’re all about creating joy filled memories for your family. Our small school has a big heart and we regularly host family oriented gatherings that allow parents, children and teachers to connect, share and celebrate. We also engage in community service projects as a school and sponsor several family outings each year.

We believe that educating young children is a partnership effort between parents and the school community. We love feedback and value involvement.
Come and see for yourself, why we’re truly the Happiest place to Grow and Learn!

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"A Child’s Space is really a place where children blossom and come into their own. They are totally free to express themselves.” -Seymore Family
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