Our preschoolers are more like Pre-scholars!!! Our amazing curriculum emphasizes all major content areas including Art, Math, Science, Social Studies and Literacy. The best part about our preschool experience is that we approach learning from the vantage point of play and inquiry based learning. Children are encouraged to ask questions and find answers. Our STEAM lab is one of the exciting places in our school where learning takes center stage daily. Our teachers carefully craft an experience that is not only fun, but that also brings together the best of what we know about how children learn and the skills they need for success in Kindergarten and life. Our Fruit of the Spirit Curriculum emphasizes what we consider the basis for building socially literate little ones. By playing our way through principles such as love, kindness, joy, gentleness, patience, goodness, faithfulness, self control and peace, we help children develop the foundation for a mindset of fairness, social justice and human responsibility. We like to say, our children aren’t just smart.. they’re Heart Smart!
Preschoolers attend regular field trip outings and we use the City as playground. Our app keeps you in the loop throughout the day with videos, photos and periodic live feeds of your preschoolers day!

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"A Child’s Space is really a place where children blossom and come into their own. They are totally free to express themselves.” -Seymore Family
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