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Enrollment & Tuition

Admissions Statement

If you’re looking for a preschool in Chicago’s South Loop with a play based curriculum that weaves developmentally appropriate practices into fun daily learning experiences, while also encouraging positive social interactions for children in a small group setting, then A Child’s Space is the place for you!

We seek families who share our commitment to high quality educational experiences beyond daycare for their young children and who also value play as the work of the child.

A Child’s Space admits children of any race, sex, national, religious or ethnic origin without exception. Registration priority is extended to currently enrolled students and their siblings who have completed our full application process.

The administering board reserves the right to enroll and maintain the enrollment of only those children who can be fully served according to the educational and programmatic philosophy, existing resources, and behavioral expectations of A Child’s Space.

Application Process

  1. Interested families will be invited to attend a brief orientation session and scheduled tour of our facility.
  2. During the visit, families will have an opportunity to share information about their child and receive further information about our program.
  3. After touring, parents are offered the opportunity to choose the General Wait List (no advanced pre-paid tuition deposit or guaranteed space) or the Confirmed Wait List (a guaranteed space when the pre-paid 1 month tuition deposit is received.
  4. If a family elects to enroll for a space that is immediately available or that will become available, they must reserve the space with the required enrollment fee and one month pre-paid tuition deposit within 5 days to guarantee the space. There is a 5 day processing period. You must also submit an admissions application and sign the Pre-Paid Tuition Deposit Agreement, which stipulates that deposits are non-refundable.
  5. Two short complimentary play dates must be attended within 2 weeks of the anticipated enrollment date and before the child can begin the Chicago based program. We consider play dates an opportunity to help begin the successful transition of children and families into our community of learners. When all paperwork and deposits are complete, play-dates will be scheduled. The first play date is with the parent, and should last minimally 1 hour. During the second play date, the parent may leave the child for up to 2 hours. Shot records must be on file prior to the first play-date.
  6. An orientation session will be conducted after admission.
  7. In the event of cancellation, with less than 60 days of notice, the pre-paid tuition deposit is nonrefundable.
  8. Enrolled families who intend to cancel their enrollment must provide 2 months (60) days of notice in writing in order to have the deposit applied to your last month of enrollment. Your letter should be dated and directly submitted to the office assistant to insure timely processing and to avoid forfeiture of the security deposit. When proper notice is received, the pre-paid tuition deposit is applied toward the final tuition month. An enrollment must end at the end of a month. Any dates which extend into the new month will be subject to daily prorated fees. Activity fees are completely nonrefundable. If any additional fees are incurred during the last month of enrollment, they must be paid in full on the following day, otherwise the remaining days of allowable attendance may be decreased.

Acceptance Criteria

  • Children must be at least 6 weeks old to start our program. Students may be placed on the waiting list up to 7 months prior to the anticipated birth month.
  • Children may be enrolled through age 6.
  • Families must complete the entire application and registration process prior to admission.
  • Families must agree to our school policies, academic program, calendar, activities and operating procedures.
  • Only those children whose needs can be fully met with the center’s existing resources will be accepted and maintained.
  • Acceptance and transition from one class group to the next is based on availability, age and the assessment of the child’s developmental readiness by the center director and teaching staff.

Application Documents

Families must complete, review, accept and submit the following, City of Chicago and State of Illinois, daycare documents in order to complete the child’s enrollment. The following checklist must be completed prior to the first day of attendance at A Child’s Space.

  • Child Health Examination (Physician Certified on the State of Illinois Form)
  • Immunization Record
  • Original Birth Certificate (A photocopy of the original document will be maintained on site)
  • Parent Handbook and Sign off pages
  • Emergency Contact and Release Forms
  • Various Consent Documents, Guidance and Discipline Policy and DCFS Daycare Licensing Standards Summary Booklet and Receipt Page
  • Deposit Agreement and Contract

On the first day of school attendance, families must submit payment for the first month of tuition. If the child begins mid-month the rate will be prorated appropriately.

Tuition and Fees

Space in each program is based on a first come basis. Four to six months advance notice is recommended to reserve spaces for our Infants Cohort. Three to Four months advanced notice is recommended for children 2 to 4 years of age. A one month nonrefundable prepaid tuition deposit is required to confirm an enrollment space.

Availability is limited and Tuition rates and fees are both subject to change and to an annual increase.  However, our mission is to keep our pricing model “reasonable” while also providing incomparable educational service and value to families and children.

Tuition discounts are applied when payments are made in quarterly, six month and yearly intervals. There is also a multiple child discount of 2% when you pay quarterly for the eldest child! There is a $350 annual activity fee for children over the age of 2 and $250 for children under the age of 2.  The Summer Camp Fee of $450 and covers outings, transportation and supplies for the entire summer session.

We also have several supplemental program options, including:

Nanny Play groups and Pre-K Play groups, Drop-In care, Date Night and Weekend child care. These programs will be offered regularly beginning  in the Summer 2018!

Here are our current monthly rates:

6 weeks-2 Years Old Full Time: $2100, 4 Day Flex: $1900
3-6 Years Old Full time: $1700, 4 Day Flex: $1388
Our Supplemental Programs Resume in February!

Nanny Playschool: Beginning November 16th 2018
Offered FRIDAYS for children 1-2 years old 10:30 a.m.-12  $25 per session! Nanny’s must Stay and Play!
Snack and Activity Pack Included.

Date Night Resumes February 2019

Date Night 2.5 Years and Under: $95 (Until Midnight)
Date Night  2.5-3 Year Old: $85 (Until Midnight)
Date Night 4-6 Year Old: $75 (Until Midnight)

SaturDayCare Resumes February 2019

SaturDayCare  2.5 Years and Under: $95 (8 a.m.-4 p.m.)
SaturDayCare 2.5-3 Years Old: $85 (8 a.m.-4 p.m.)
SaturDayCare  4-6 Years Old: $75 (8 a.m.-4 p.m.)

Stay Tuned for Upcoming 2018 Date Nights and Satur”Day”Care Options:

*Discounts are available when you purchase multiple sessions in advance. The annual registration fee is $70 per family.

Space in each program is based on a first come basis.

All Rates and policies are subject to change, so please feel free to phone us directly for any updates and availability.



"A Child’s Space is really a place where children blossom and come into their own. They are totally free to express themselves.” -Seymore Family
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