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A great man, Dr. Myles Munroe said, “We should seek to be deployed to our purpose, not employed.”

In that vein, we say we’re never hiring only inspiring, never employing, but also seeking to deploy you to the parts of your purpose and gifts that are designed to empower, protect, promote, care for, and nurture young minds.

AND GUESS what else? We’ll have fun doing this great work together!

A Child’s Space is not just the happiest place to grow and learn for children but for teachers as well.

Our processes and methods support you, while our culture encourages reflection and professional exploration.

We’re interested in aptitude, but your attitude is everything to us! You need not be perfect, bring who you are, and be ready for the journey of creating happy places for children to grow and learn!

We offer:
Medical Benefits, Dental, Vision, Life Insurance, Employee Service Concierge, FT and PT work Schedules, Annual Raises, Edu-Perks, Attendance Bonuses, Paid Holidays, Birthday-PAY, and a friendly, supportive work environment

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Which Program Is Right for Your Little One?

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6 Weeks - 1 Year

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1-2 Years

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1-6 Years

Date Nights, Satur”Day”Care
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1-6 Years

Drop In
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3-5 Years

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3-6 Years

Remote Learners