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  • Hours Monday-Fridays 8-5 p.m. Saturdays 9-3:30 p.m.
  • Phone: 312-431-1234

For immediate assistance call 312-663-8498

It’s Toddler Time!

toddlers playing

Our Toddler and 2’s Programs are designed for little ones literally on the go! We incorporate a unique blend of center-based independent exploratory learning experiences that prepare little ones for a lifetime of learning.

Our approach focuses on the use of their five senses to promote age-appropriate discovery learning.

We create opportunities for social interaction through fun music, games, and large motor activities that build confidence as they play alongside their friends. Our classroom is designed with safety in mind and provides numerous opportunities for creativity and innovation.

In addition to small group sizes, our teachers are loving, patient, and very supportive of children as they develop and explore new horizons!

We document their daily experiences via our app, so you can see first-hand their exciting and amazing daily exploits!

Which Program Is Right for Your Little One?

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6 Weeks - 1 Year

brother smiling

1-2 Years

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1-6 Years

Date Nights, Satur”Day”Care
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1-6 Years

Drop In
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3-5 Years

little girl smiling

3-6 Years

Remote Learners